We offer high precision punch metal work in our cutting-edge tool & die machine shop.

We support low and high-volume metal punching and stamping for heavy industrial parts manufacturing orders.

High speed punching operations are accommodated with our mechanical variable speed 45-ton press capable of 100+ strokes per minute.

We can supply heavy industrial parts and assembly applications that require high-quality metalworking options like:

Metal Punching

Punching is a fast, cost-efficient solution for pushing simple or complex shapes/holes through a metal workpiece (ex: sheet metal, steel, aluminum) into a die fabricated to your requirements in our on-site machine shop.

Metal Pressing/Stamping

Based on your product’s design requirements and end application, bearings and seals are stamped using our in-house hydraulic shop presses and state-of-the art software for precise results every time.

Secondary services such as coating, grinding, heat treatment, painting, and plating are also available via our extensive sourcing partner network.

AllTech is your trusted sourcing agent for domestic and offshore parts manufacturing, finishing, and distribution.

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